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Aesthera's Isolaz™ (Deep Pore Lazr Therapy) offers the broadest indications of any laser or light-based system available on the market today and is the only system FDA cleared to treat comedonal and pustular acne. In addition, the Isolaz™ therapy is cleared to treat mild to moderate, inflammatory acne and acne vulgaris.

In addition to acne reduction, a recent clinical study showed that 64 percent of acne patients who had not responded to oral medications, topicals and traditional lasers in the past had shown greater than a 75 percent clearance of acne lesions after treatment with the Isolaz™ system. After four treatments, an 88 percent reduction in papular, pustular, comedonal and nodular acne was observed.

"The Isolaz™ treatment is the new gold-standard that physicians and consumers should look to when treating acne, as it is the only technology that literally cleans the pores from the inside out," states Alon Maor, Co-Founder, President & CEO of Aesthera Corporation. "In contrast to traditional therapies, because the Isolaz system deep purifies the pores, many patients experience immediate gratification with noticeably clearer skin tone and texture as well as reduced pore size after the first treatment."

Patients that undergo a laser rejuvenation for acne do not experience side effects commonly associated with full true lasers and acne treatments, such as redness, peeling or sun sensitivity. Additionally, immediate improvements are generally seen within the 24-48 hours of the first treatment including a drying and flattening of the lesion and less scarring. Finally, IPL treatments are fast and can be performed in around 10 minutes so you can have them done during lunch because there is no “down time” and will look much better within 12 hours and some say the first effect is all of the acne lesions surfacing and then followed by immediate healing and repair of the skins look and feel!~!Isolaz™ treatments also do not require pre- treatment and/or topical anesthetics. It is necessary to follow with good sunscreens and the use of very high grade skin care.

At Laser Plus Skin Care, we believe that the skin is your largest organ and it should be cared for each and every day with the purest products you can find. You will be happy to know that you can obtain that kind of skin care here at the office.

Acne is always a challenge as it can be many things that set it off and many internal issues as well. If you have a great diet and you are getting an adequate amount of vitamin A and Biotin, then we also need to check the products that you are using. There are lots of things that can be changed with skin care to make the bacteria from acne settle down but the absolute best solution for acne is Laser.

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