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Skin Treatments Aesthetic treatments are clinically proven effective and safe for:

  • Age spots or brown blotchy pigmentation on the skin
  • Broken capillaries or broken blood vessels that cause "redness"
  • Telangiectasias or fine facial veins

How are these treated?

A hygienic treatment tip gently draws the area to be treated into the handpiece of the Aesthera PPx system. This "pulling" up motion brings all the unwanted targets (unwanted red and brown spots, unwanted veins) closer to the surface of the skin. By administering this light into the skin it is also causing the stimulation of new cells and collagen which will produce a fuller and tighter look to your skin.

Light energy, when gently applied to the targets or effected areas, is converted to heat energy and absorbed by the targets quickly and effectively destroying them and building new cells to form in the tissues of the skin.

Tips provide you with personalized hygienic treatments while eliminating the risks of cross contamination and are uniquely customized to treat a wide range of conditions and body parts.

See the results

* Based on results of initial clinical studies.

Laser Facials

Each time we use the laser it clears all impurities in its path and that is why it is the best kind of facial! I always add it to a small amount of facial manipulations with massage and skin care to further beautify the skin.

Dermabrasion is used on areas that are holding too many dead skin cells and the skin needs help to slough these cells.

The normal cost of the facials is set at $120 because it involves all of these services together to get the best results in one treatment!

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