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IPL therapy is a revolutionary skin treatment that was designed with your complete safety and comfort in mind.

Before the Treatment: Before treatment begins, your technician will apply a soothing mist to your skin, to hydrate it. During Treatment: Your treatment provider will place the Aesthera handpiece on the area to be treated. Based on your skin type (the amount of melanin in your skin) and the body part being treated, appropriate settings will be selected.

You will feel a gentle and warm sensation as your skin is drawn into the treatment tip. In less than a second, mild light energy will be applied and you will feel your skin being gently released back into normal position. Your treatment provider will then move on to the next treatment area, and repeat the process over the entire treatment area.

Treatment sensation was most commonly described as being similar to that of a warm massage.

Photopneumatic therapy is very fast. Listed below are the standard times for commonly requested treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation - Face: 10 minutes
Hair Removal - Bikini Line: 5 minutes
Skin Rejuvenation - Chest: 15 minutes
Hair Removal - Under Arms: 3 minutes
Hair Removal - Legs: 15 to 45 minutes
(depending on area done)

Post Treatment: There are no post-treatment regimens associated with PPx Therapy. So once your treatment is done, you are free to resume your normal activities.

Please understand results may vary. Payment is for the procedure(s) performed at your appointment(s) and not for any specific result. No result is guaranteed. Due to the nature of these services, there will no refunds.

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